Support from the community

Palazzo Bembo, Venice.

Palazzo Bembo is located on the Canal Grande, a few steps away from the Rialto bridge. It was built by the noble family of Bembo in the 15th century.

Support for the School of Architecture and Planning and See It Through Buffalo is made possible by donations from over 100 individuals and organizations.

In addition, the school has received considerable support from the University at Buffalo, and the following:

Boston Valley Terracotta.
Rigidized Metals.

"Send our Students to Venice" crowdfunding campaign raised $20,000

More than 100 donors contributed $20,000 to a crowdfunding campaign organized to support student travel to Venice for participation in the exhibit. Donors included faculty and staff, alumni, members of the university community, and proud ambassadors of the City of Buffalo. We thank them for their support and investment in a global learning experience for our students.