SMART Fabrication Factory

Designers work together on projects in the SMART Fabrication Factory in Parker Hall.

Faculty and teams of architects and designers work together on ceramic facade assemblies in the SMART Fabrication Factory in Parker Hall. Photo by Douglas Levere

The SMART Fabrication Factory in Parker Hall is a prototyping facility that supports research with industry and faculty research in material fabrication and digital craft.

The Factory is a facility of UB's SMART Community of Excellence (Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies), which brings together architecture, engineering, management and economics to advance research in next-generation technologies and processes in advanced manufacturing. 

Among the Factory's high-powered tools are a multi-axis water jet machine that can cut through six-inch-thick stone, an industrial platform laser cutter, and a front-loading kiln for firing ceramics. The high-bay ceilings and slab floor allow for installation and display of full-scale prototypes and built works. 

  • OMAX Maxiem 1530 JetMachining Center with A-Jet Multi-Axis Cutting Head
  • Universal Laser Systems ILS12.150D Platform
  • L&L Kilns Easy-Load Front-Loading Kiln EL3048

The facility is open to UB faculty, staff, students engaged in SMART-related research, government and industry partners and researchers from other academic institutions. 

The Factory

56 Parker Hall, South Campus

Learn more:
Visit the Fabrication Factory website to schedule a tour or learn more about opportunities to collaborate.