Faculty and Students

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Faculty Excellence

With extensive records of research, publication, teaching, and professional practice, our faculty members have achieved national recognition in their fields. Many have international experience, ranging across South and North America, Africa, South and East Asia, and Europe.

The faculty, diverse in age, gender, race, and ethnicity, is deeply committed to and engaged in public service.

Student Diversity and Excellence

The department accepts 40-50 students annually into its graduate programs. With about 100 students across two full-time class years plus part-time scholars, the M.U.P. student body is large enough to offer program breadth and diversity but small enough to offer individual attention.

The student body is racially and ethnically diverse, typically including 15 to 20 international students from all over the world, currently including Canada, China, Great Britain, Ghana, India, Japan, Panama, Palestine, the Philippines, South Korea, and Venezuela. M.U.P students range from those continuing their graduate studies immediately after completing an undergraduate degree to those returning to the academy in mid- or post-career stages.

M.U.P. students consistently demonstrate their excellence for graduate and professional work. Studio products prepared by students working collaboratively with a client to investigate current planning issues often win professional awards and have led directly to policy initiatives and public investments in the Buffalo-Niagara region. Planning students recently took top honors in a university-wide research competition celebrating environmental research. Current M.U.P. students are in the running for national awards from the Chicago Institute for Architecture and Urbanism.

Our graduates routinely obtain excellent internships while in the program and rewarding jobs upon graduation