The Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers several degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level, with diverse opportunities for advanced research, practice-based learning and cross-disciplinary study.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design
    The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design offers a pre-professional course of study grounded in the multidisciplinary traditions of the liberal arts and active intervention in community and regional environments through classroom activity, fieldwork, workshops, and internships. 
  • Environmental Design Minor
    The minor in environmental design provides students from diverse academic backgrounds a broad foundation in the principles of urban design as well as the form and function of the built environment.


  • Master of Urban Planning
    Today the world is reexamining the interaction of human settlements and place in the context of complex challenges such as climate change, rapid urbanization and a global crisis in public health. In creating the policies and tools that shape our environment, urban planners are central to the development of sustainable and enriching places for all. 
  • Master of Science in Real Estate Development
    The real estate industry is one of the world’s most dynamic and influential industries, and professionals create places where people live, work, and play, develop local economies, and shape cities and the built environment.
  • Master of Science in International Development and Global Health
    Gain the interdisciplinary perspective required to address significant barriers to sustainable development and social justice around the world. The intensively interdisciplinary program is designed to address widening gaps in human health globally through the socioeconomic, environmental and geopolitical arenas of international development.
  • PhD in Urban and Regional Planning
    The University at Buffalo invites applications from outstanding candidates interested in pursuing a career in research and teaching through its PhD program in urban and regional planning.
  • Historic Preservation
    Join our small and selective group of interdisciplinary students interested in pursuing promising careers in historic preservation. Designed for practitioners and students from disciplines as diverse as architecture, law and art, our curriculum includes an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation and a Master of Science in Architecture specializing in Historic Preservation.
  • Graduate Certificate in Affordable Housing
    The Graduate Affordable Housing Advanced Certificate is designed for individuals who are aspiring or advancing professionals with an earned bachelor's degree and an interest in gaining further knowledge about the design, policy-making, and development of affordable housing in the United States.

Dual Degrees