Master of Architecture + Master of Urban Planning

MArch + MUP


The MArch + MUP embraces the notion that architecture and urban planning are fundamentally intertwined as evidenced by the impact of architecture on the urban fabric and the influence of urban planning on architecture. 

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The MArch/ MUP dual-degree program provides integrated learning in both disciplines through joint planning and architecture studios, and through coursework in urban design, planning, and traditional architectural methods and skills.

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With three different tracks, UB's nationally accredited Master of Architecture & Master of URban Planning offers a path into the profession for students from any academic background. 

2-yr MArch \ MUP Research Studio Track

The second part of our 4+2 track, this degree path is intended for students who have completed their undergraduate studies in architecture.

2-yr MArch \ MUP Synthesis Studio Track

This course of study ensures students from international baccalaureate programs in architecture will meet NAAB standards for an accredited professional degree.

3.5-yr MArch \ MUP Program

A passion for design is the only pre-req for UB's extended MArch track. Students from any undergraduate background are welcome to apply.

This program enables international students to apply for STEM Extension, which allows graduates to work for an additional 24 months beyond the completion of their optional practical training (OPT).

The expanding field of urban design has increased the demand for the dual master of architecture/master of urban planning degree. The dual degree offers a unique opportunity for students to pursue graduate education for professional certification in both fields. Students seeking dual degrees take joint studios in which graduate students from both architecture and planning engage in projects using regional cities and towns as learning laboratory sites. Students develop proposals for change in collaboration with the constituencies of the learning lab sites. In the process, students learn about planning, architecture, and intervention in an integrated fashion.

Enrolled students should consult the curriculum they were given upon entering the program, copies of which are kept in their student files in the departmental office.

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