M.Arch - Admissions

Use this page for additional information on the admission requirements and process for: 

  • 2 year Master of Architecture program (for students with a Bachelor’s in Architecture)
  • 3.5 year Master of Architecture program (for students with any Bachelor’s degree)
  • Master of Science in Architecture (for students seeking a specialized research experience)
  • M.Arch Dual degree programs

We are currently accepting applications!

Applications deadlines are:

  • Spring 2024 -  November 15: ONLY research track M.Arch applicants are eligible to apply for Spring admissions.
  • Fall 2024 – All graduate applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis until the August 1st deadline for Fall 2024. Both research and synthesis track applications accepted. 

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Application Requirements

Complete applications must include the following, uploaded to your online application:
(Please DO NOT send hardcopies. All documents must be uploaded into the online application)
  • Transcript(s) from every institution you have previously attended. 
    • Transcript review during the admissions process verifies that the following requirements meet NAAB Student Performance Criteria:
      • Structures 1 content
      • Environmental Systems 1 content
      • History 1 content
      • History 2 content
  • Two letters of recommendation: Please identify in your application the names of persons who will be writing recommendations. You are strongly encouraged to arrange for at least one from a person who knows your academic work. The individuals will receive an automated email message requesting a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Resume that outlines your work and educational background and experiences.
  • Personal statement, 500 words or less, of your current position on the discipline of architecture. Please be specific about influential courses, instructors, books, personal or professional experiences, and goals. In addition, please feel free to provide relevant context related to unique challenges (personal and or academic) you may have encountered during this current environment on how it may affect your application.  
  • Please visit the UB Graduate School for general admissions requirements to the University at Buffalo.
GRE scores are not required for graduate architecture applications

For those applicants wish to submit a GRE score the department encourages them to do so, and the score will be reviewed alongside other application materials.

Apply Now!

Individuals applying to dual degree programs must apply and be accepted in all relevant departments and meet all relevant departmental deadlines.

The Process for Evaluating the Content of Non-Accredited Degrees

Senior faculty members familiar with the NAAB Student Performance Criteria (SPCs) review all students applying to the Accredited MArch program. Each faculty reviewer teaches courses that address SPCs and have experience with multiple NAAB Accreditation visits.

A review of the transcript, personal statement, letters of recommendation and portfolio determines acceptance, rejection, or re-tracking of the candidate’s application.  A detailed review of the transcript and portfolio determines if course listed on the transcript meet NAAB Student Performance Criteria. Upon notification of the determination of the review, applicants can provide additional information. Upon admission, students can seek waivers from required courses. The review of a waiver from specific courses are the responsibility of the faculty member responsible for teaching that course.