M.Arch - Meet our Faculty

Combining a depth of experience in the profession and academy, our faculty are international thought leaders and influencers in fields such as food systems planning, climate resilience, global health equity, urban design, transportation planning and policy, and historic preservation. Passionate educators and mentors, our faculty engage students directly in their research and community-engaged work. 

  • Anahita Khodadadi
    Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
    akhodada@buffalo.edu - 320 Hayes Hall - (716) 829-5879 
  • Annette LeCuyer
    Professor - Department of Architecture
    alecuyer@buffalo.edu - Crosby Hall 126 - 716-829-5329
  • Beth Tauke
    Associate Professor - Department of Architecture
    tauke@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 318 - (716) 829-5892
  • Brad Wales
    Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
  • Brian Carter
    Professor - Department of Architecture
    bcarter@buffalo.edu - Crosby 125 - 716-829-5886
  • Christopher Romano
    Christopher Romano, assistant professor of architecture, explores the relationship between design, construction and the contemporary culture of building by leveraging regional manufacturing and material processes.
  • Conrad Kickert
    Associate Professor
    Department of Architecture
    kickert@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 213 - 716-829-5330
  • Daniela Sandler
    Associate Professor - Department of Architecture, Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence, School of Architecture and Planning
    daniela@buffalo.edu - 216 Hayes Hall - (716) 829-3705
  • Dennis Maher
    Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
  • Despina Stratigakos
    Professor - Department of Architecture
    despina@buffalo.edu -  323 Hayes Hall - (716) 829-5893
  • Edward Steinfeld
    Edward Steinfeld, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Architecture and director of the IDEA Center, has been a trailblazer in the field of inclusive design since the 1970s. He believes architecture should, first and foremost, benefit the people who use buildings, and make a positive contribution to the community.
  • Elaine Chow, AIA
    Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
    eychow@buffalo.edu - 124 Hayes Hall
  • Erkin Özay
    Erkin Özay investigates how institutional settings and urban interventions can serve as shelters from the structural inequities that burden the lives of vulnerable urban communities. He is assistant professor and director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Architecture.
  • Georg Rafailidis
    Associate Professor - Department of Architecture
    grafaili@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 312 - (716) 829-5896
  • Gregory Delaney
    Clinical Associate Professor - Director of Recruitment and First Year Experience - Department of Architecture
    gldelane@buffalo.edu - Crosby Hall 128
  • Hadas Steiner
    Associate Professor - Department of Architecture
    hsteiner@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 215 - (716) 829-5888
  • Hiroaki Hata
    Associate Professor Hiroaki Hata’s research and creative work focuses on the design, history, theory and criticism of urban structures and community development.
  • Jin Young Song
    Jin Young Song explores the possibility for more responsive, sustainable and place-based architecture through the contemporary façade. He is an associate professor of architecture and a founder of DIOINNO Architecture, a Buffalo- and Seoul-based design firm.
  • Joyce Hwang
    Joyce Hwang is associate professor and director of graduate studies with the Department of Architecture. Through her teaching, research and critical practice, she confronts contemporary ecological conditions through creative means.
  • Julia Czerniak
    Dean and Professor
    School of Architecture and Planning
  • Kenneth MacKay
    Clinical Associate Professor - Department of Architecture
    macka@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 223 - (716) 829-5890
  • Korydon Smith
    Korydon Smith is professor and chair of architecture at UB and co-director of UB's Community for Global Health Equity. He works across disciplines to build design solutions for those who have been traditionally marginalized from decisions about the design of their built environment.
  • Kristine Stiphany
    Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
    Director Design with Resilient Environments Lab
    Director MArch / MUP Program
    stiphany@buffalo.edu - 335 Hayes Hall - (716) 829-5985
  • Laura Lubniewski
    Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
    lschmitz@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 317C
  • Lynda Schneekloth
    Professor Emerita - Department of Architecture
    lhs1@buffalo.edu - UB Downtown Gateway 302M - (716) 829-5325
  • Mark Shepard
    Associate Professor - Department of Architecture
    shepard6@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 322 - (716) 829-5889
  • Martha Bohm
    Martha Bohm examines the intersection of design with energy efficiency, healthy materials and ecological sensibility through research, teaching and critical practice. She is an associate professor of architecture and associate dean for academic affairs.
  • Miguel Guitart
    Miguel Guitart, assistant professor of architecture, is an architect, author, and scholar who explores architectural experience at the intersection of material narratives and sensory perception, focusing on physical boundaries, material memory, and non-material agents.
  • Nicholas Bruscia
    Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
    nbruscia@buffalo.edu - 319 Hayes Hall - 716-829-5926
  • Nicholas Rajkovich
    Nicholas B. Rajkovich, assistant professor of architecture, investigates the intersection of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and adaptation to climate change. He directs UB's Resilient Buildings Lab.
  • Paul Battaglia
    Paul is a Buffalo native who received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been in full-time architectural practice since 1976 working on many of the more significant historic projects in Buffalo.
  • Robert Shibley
    SUNY Distinguished Professor
    Director, Rudy Bruner Center for Urban Excellence
    Rudy Bruner Chair in Urban Excellence
    Senior Fellow, UB Regional Institute
    School of Architecture and Planning
  • Stephanie Cramer
    Director of Fabrication Workshop, Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
    slcramer@buffalo.edu - M2 Parker Hall - (716) 829-5923