Masters of Urban Planning + Juris Doctorate



The MUP + JD dual-degree program, offered jointly with the UB School of Law, explores the facets of local, state, federal and international policy and practice. The program prepares students for a variety of professional roles in public service, private law firms, planning consulting firms and public legal practice.

Law and urban planning intersect in numerous ways academically and professionally.Common ground includes issues of land development; property; regulatory systems (such as zoning, environmental controls, and other municipal, state or federal regulations); community development; environmental law and policy; housing and business development. 

By permitting some elective courses to count toward both degrees, the JD/MUP program enables students to complete the two degrees in four years rather than the five years required to complete the programs separately. The program offers considerable curricular flexibility enabling students to custom design a dual professional degree matching their interests and career aspirations.

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