Julia Jamrozik presents work at symposium on public art

Full Circle.

FULL CIRCLE, an art installation in Buffalo, N.Y., by UB architecture professor Julia Jamrozik, and partner Coryn Kempster, also an architecture faculty member at UB. Photo credit: Brendan Bannon

Release Date November 1, 2017 This content is archived.


Assistant Professor Julia Jamrozik recently presented” ‘Full Circle’ and other ways of bringing people together” at the symposium ‘Public Art: New Ways of Thinking and Working’ at York University in Canada.

FULL CIRCLE is an art installation on the West Side of Buffalo, N.Y., that takes an element commonly found in parks and playgrounds - the swing-set - and questions its conventional linear arrangement to achieve a transformation that is abstract, spatial, political and interactive.

Starting with a familiar construct and transforming it, the installation twists the typical experience of a swing-set to provide opportunities for confrontation and dialogue through the positioning of individuals in relation to the work and each other. No longer partaking in parallel movement as on a typical swing-set, the users of FULL CIRCLE are invited to partake in a playful dialogue. Questioning the basic relationships between people in space, the project aims for a socially conscious and thereby political engagement. FULL Circle was commissioned by CEPA Gallery and C.S.1 Curatorial Projects for CEPA's West Side Lots Project. 

The project stems from Jamrozik's interest in spaces of play, in the broadest definition of that term, as places that can be used to liberate the individual from the generic and enrich the everyday.