About the Workshop

Students holding large, delicate wood screen.

Photo: Maryanne Schultz 

The Fabrication Workshop is a cornerstone of the school and a curriculum that is intentionally experimental, hands on, and practice-driven. It is a place to explore ideas and bring inspiration to reality.

Room for everyone

Students and professors crowd around a table looking at a rough prototype for a boat.

The junior Techtonics of Buoyancy studio gathers in the shop for project critiques. Photo: Randy Fernando

Our Fabrication Workshop has the capacity to accommodate full-scale built works, from sophomore environmental systems projects to graduate-level design research. We also regularly host entire studio classes, collaborating with faculty to coordinate materials and equipment for projects of every scope and scale. 

Industry partnership opportunities

Students and industry partners collaborating in the workshop.

During the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, students join teams from industry partners to explore the potential of terra cotta. Photo: Douglas Levere

We work directly with local industries that specialize in material research and innovation, extending our analog and digital fabrication capacities beyond our campus and facilities.

S.M.A.R.T. Partnerships

Learn more about the Sustainable Manufacturing And Robotic Technologies 
Community of Excellence and opportunities to partner.