Tools and Resources

Student using saw in metal shop.

Our extensive collection of traditional and high-tech tools provides students endless flexibility in how they research through making. With thorough training and modern safety features, students learn and explore in a supportive, collaborative environment.


  • 3D Printing
    For rapid prototyping of small components and scaled models, three 3D printers are available for use within the Fabrication Workshop.
  • CNC Routing
    The AXYZ Millennium 1500 CNC router table with its 59” x 39” bed size and 3” z-axis supports the generation of full-size prototypes and models in wood and foam board. 
  • Laser Cutting
    The Fabrication Workshop includes two Universal Laser Systems VLS-660 Laser Cutters which allow students to cut wood, acrylic and chip board, and enables them to experiment with materials and fabricate models quickly and accurately.
  • Metal Shop
    The metal shop is a flexible space with tools and machinery that can be configured to accommodate custom fabrications.
  • Wood Shop
    The wood shop is the largest working area, equipped with fixed saws, sanders, workbenches and plenty of floor space for large scale projects.