Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies


The Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies (CAST) focuses on the evolving and growing implications of new technologies within the built environment: social, political, ecological and material.

With its research located at the intersection of architecture, new media, and computational technologies, CAST is interested in the possibilities offered by computational systems for rethinking human interaction with (and within) the built environment. Our focus areas include learning environments, design environments, responsive architecture, and locative media. Computational technology provides both a means and a medium for this research: an operative paradigm for conceptualizing relations between people, information, and the material fabric of everyday life.

Curricular Connections

Our research endeavors and pedagogy are intricately connected here at the Buffalo School.

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Location: 01 Hayes Annex C

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114 Diefendorf Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214-8032


phone: 716 829 5895

fax: 716 829 3256