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ubri/urban design project.

The UB Regional Institute/Urban Design Project is a major research enterprise for the School of Architecture and Planning.

Working alongside community members, government officials and policy leaders, we take an objective approach in understanding complex issues and translating them into useful and relevant information. Grounded in the discipline of academic research and analysis, we look for solutions that are data-driven and relevant. Our networks within the university, business community and public service realms enable us to draw from diverse perspectives and offer innovative and individualized solutions to drive change and progress for our funders, clients and partners.

What Drives Our Work

UBRI: What Drives Our Work.

We Guide Decision Making and Policy Action

We believe that data-driven independent research generates clear, actionable insights that guide choices and investments that strengthen communities and organizations.

We Plan for Great Places

We believe that strategic planning is critical to improving our built, natural and social environment and consequently the lives of the people in our communities.

We Ensure Broad and Meaningful Public Input

Acknowledging that the best information comes from those closest to the subject matter, we believe in fostering informed and active civic debate.

We Make Complex Data Understandable

We believe that information needs to be presented clearly and graphically to be most effective and that it is usually better to “show” than it is to “tell.”

Learn more about the work that drives us.

School and University Connections

In the classroom, the office, and out in the world.

Though you might find members of the UBRI team in the lecture halls, our connectivity to the school and university goes well beyond the classroom. We look for diverse perspectives and innovative thinking from faculty and students across the university.

Collaborations with Faculty, enhancing our research, building their research

We connect with faculty on projects that could benefit from a particular skill-set, expertise or burgeoning research in a particular field. Our collaborative projects with the School of Architecture & Planning faculty span topics as diverse as food-system security, responses to climate change, green transportation systems, inclusive design, situated technologies (the use of technology embedded in buildings), sustainable community development, planning for extreme events (such as earthquakes or hurricanes) and many others.

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Students as Part of the Equation

Our students make us unique—providing us with fresh perspectives and connecting our office to the ever-evolving research and technology being used in the classroom. We work with students putting theory into practice, exploring solutions grounded in data, best practices and objective analysis. Students have worked with us to engage the community, run targeted research and brainstorm solutions across a wide range of projects.

Learn more about our team and the students (http://regional-institute.buffalo.edu/about/ubri-team#students) who are a part of it.

Our Work

Where research, education, public service and scholarship work closely with communities to develop meaningful and effective solutions. See more of our work

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