Community for Global Health Equity

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The Community for Global Health Equity is a scholarly community of faculty and students across the university that works to reduce the sources and effects of inequity for communities around the world. Its core leadership team represents the university’s programs in architecture, planning, public health, and engineering

CGHE develops and disseminates knowledge and innovative solutions across key areas of global health equity in partnership with key influencers with the tools to effect systemic change. These include leaders, organizations, policy makers and community members who can effect change at the local level. Core activities of CGHE include:

  • Advancing foundational science to develop innovative, low-cost solutions to improve health equity
  • Developing innovative solutions to overcome socio-cultural barriers to optimal health and well-being
  • Building and sustaining relationships with and contributing critical guidance to policy-making organizations to improve global health equity
  • Improving the dissemination of equity-promoting practices of implementation organizations
  • Demonstrating impact through projects that improve the health and well-being of target communities

Training students to develop the expertise to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams and to contribute to research, engagement and implementation activities that advance global health equity

CGHE's Global Project teams engage researchers across disciplines to work collaboratively with government officials, NGOs, and practitioners to develop comprehensive, solution-oriented processes for improved equity in global health and well-being by:


School of Architecture and Planning faculty members with CGHE leadership roles:

  • Samina Raja, PhD, Co-Director of CGHE, professor of urban and regional planning; associate dean for research and inclusive excellence, School of Architecture and Planning; adjunct assistant professor, Dept. of Community Health and Health Behavior: Samina Raja guides strategic planning for the Community and co-leads the Food Equity team.  
  • Korydon Smith, Founding Co-Director and Co-Lead, CGHE; professor and chair of architecture: Professor Smith facilitates CGHE's educational activities and guides advisory groups and thematic working groups.

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