Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access

Collage of IDeA Center projects and research.

The Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center) focuses on research, development, education, dissemination, and design projects related to universal design.

The IDeA Center is dedicated to enabling and empowering an increasingly diverse population by developing knowledge and tools that improve the human performance, health and wellness and social participation of groups who have been marginalized by traditional design practices. The IDeA Center’s activities are based on the philosophy of Inclusive Design, often called “Universal Design” or “Design for All.”

Under the leadership of Director Edward Steinfeld, ArchD., AIA, our research activities include systematic reviews, human factors research, usability studies in the field and laboratory, survey research, focus groups and ethnographic studies. Our development activities include architectural design, product development, information technology resources and organizational development activities. The Center also produces many dissemination products in both traditional and digital forms and engages in public, university and continuing education initiatives.

Curricular Connections

Our research endeavors and pedagogy are intricately connected here at the Buffalo School.

Contact the IDeA Center

309 Hayes Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214-8032

phone: 716 829 5902

fax: 716 829 3861