Master of Science in Architecture + Master of Science in Media Architecture

International Media Architecture Master Studies (IMAMS)

IMAMS study abroad lecture.

The International Media Architecture Master Studies (IMAMS) program offered by the University at Buffalo and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is a two-year Masters program providing students with an international perspective on the emerging field of Media Architecture.

Program of study for University at Buffalo Students

The Double Degree Master’s Program in Media Architecture provides students an opportunity to study Media Architecture across two internationally recognized programs at the University at Buffalo, SUNY and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar . Students will normally spend one academic year at each institution and will be awarded two separate, nationally recognized Master’s degree certificates (BUW (M.Sc. Master of Science in Media Architecture) / UB (M.S. Master of Science in Architecture)) after successful completion of the program with a minimum of 2 Academic years.

General Study plan:

Students start with their 1st semester at their home university. The next two semesters they study at the partner university. The final semester with the Master thesis they study at their home university again. General course language is English. The Master’s thesis is written and presented in English language.

1st Semester: Foundation

The foundation semester provides an introduction to the theory and practice of Media Architecture. Basic concepts in the design and analysis of architectonic and medial space are introduced through structured projects developed in the context of the design studio. Coordinated seminars and workshops address core competencies and skills, both intellectual and practical. This semester is designed to give students entering the program with different academic backgrounds a common platform for their studies in Media Architecture.

2nd Semester: Expansion

Following the foundation semester, students cross the Atlantic and continue their studies at the respective partner institution. This semester provides the student with the opportunity to both broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the field through a combination of studio projects, coordinated seminars and workshops. The intention of the expansion semester is to diversify the perspectives by which the student apprehends the field.

3rd Semester: Pre-thesis

During the Pre-thesis semester, students conduct research on a specific topic that they will pursue for their Master's Thesis. Research is organized around seminars, workshops and independent study. Student progress reviews are conducted periodically throughout this semester by a committee consisting of a faculty member at the current institution together with a faculty member from the home institution via videoconference. This semester focuses on the development of a Thesis Proposal and culminates with the presentation of this proposal.

4th Semester: Thesis

Students then return across the Atlantic to their home institution and the program culminates with the production of a Master’s Thesis project during the final semester. Students work independently with a dedicated faculty member at each institution. Coursework includes seminars and workshops complementing the Thesis investigation. The semester culminates with a public presentation and defense of the Thesis with 2 faculty members (1 from each partner institution) participating via remote telematic sessions.

Students spend one year at each institution and are awarded two separate, nationally recognized degrees: the Master of Science in Architecture (MS) from the University at Buffalo and the Master of Science in Media Architecture (MS) from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Located two hours from Berlin by train, the Bauhaus offers courses in a variety of subjects including Media Art, Media Culture, Media Design, Media Systems, Media Architecture, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, among others. Building on the robust tradition of the Bauhaus movement of the 20th century, the school has a long-standing reputation for supporting an eagerness to experiment, openness, creativity, a close link to industrial practice and an international perspective. Courses are offered predominantly in English, and an intensive German language course for non-native speakers is available to all students participating in the program.

A limited number of scholarships covering travel expenses between Buffalo and Weimar are available on a competitive basis.

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