Acculturating into (In)active Commuting to School

Differences between Children of Foreign-Born and U.S.-Born Caregivers

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So-Ra Baek, Samina Raja and collaborators how the cultural backgrounds of caregivers influence their perceptions and attitudes toward their children's active commuting to school.

Caregivers in a suburban school district reported low rates of active commuting among children. Domestic and foreign-born caregivers differed in their perceptions of safety from crime.

In addition, foreign-born caregivers who are more acculturated tend to be more reluctant to allow children's active commuting to school in the near future, compared to foreign-born caregivers who are less acculturated. Cultural factors and perceptions of safety from crime should be considered in the development of programs that promote active commuting to school.


So-Ra Baek
Samina Raja
Nathan Attard
Maryam Khojasteh


Children, Youth and Environments

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