Ave Maria University, Ave Maria Oratory

Elisabeth Perreault (MArch ’03)

Photo Credits: CannonDesign.

Photo Credits: CannonDesign

In her role as health practice leader for CannonDesign’s Buffalo office, Elisabeth Perreault engages healthcare organizations in and around North America to design solutions that profoundly impact human life. With over 20 years of experience, she has mastered a forward-thinking design approach balancing operational and environmental considerations, supported by evidence-based design and best practices – resulting in award-winning, high-quality solutions. Elisabeth focuses on creating patient-centered care environments that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while streamlining operational efficiencies and the cost of care.

Ave Maria University, Ave Maria Oratory

Rising over 100 feet in height, the structure’s upper levels are clad in metal on the north and south facades and limestone on the east and west. Structural steel buttressing pierces the metal-skinned areas in a form that recalls the stone buttressing of the great historic cathedrals of Europe. It is the exterior expression of the structural steel lattice supporting the Oratory, the dominant element within the nave. Interlacing structural steel elements form a dramatic web of space and form, dappling the interior volume with natural light from a skylight capping the great space. 

Project Credits: CannonDesign