Wireless printing from Windows OS

o connect to any of the School of Architecture and Planning printers and plotters from Windows 7 or Windows 10, please do the following:

Install PaperCut Software:

 If you have not established a connection to the share drive, please do so by following the instructions for windows systems here

  1. Once on the share drive, navigate to S:\orgs\ITServices\PaperCut\win and run “client-local-install.exe” to begin the installation.  You can leave any installation settings set to default.
  2. After install, PaperCut will prompt you for log-in credentials, enter your UBIT username and password to log in.
  3. Once successfully logged in, a widget should pop-up showing your current print balance.

Connect to Our Printers:

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi at UB
  2. Click on the START button / icon on the windows taskbar.
  3. Type \\arpl-25 and press “Enter”.
  4. You will be prompted to log in. You must use your UBIT username (AD\username) and your UBIT password. 
    Note: If the system defaults to the username used to log into your laptop, choose to use other credentials on the prompt, then enter the correct information.
  5. A list of printers available will appear. Double click on the printer that you want to connect to. A connection window will appear while the system downloads the necessary drivers to your computer. Click OK to any confirmation messages that appear.  When completed, a printer queue window will appear.

Please Note:

  1. PaperCut software must be installed on your system in order to print to our devices.
  2. After you send your print, you will be presented with a pop-up from PaperCut detailing the cost and specifics of the job.  Your print will not be sent to the printer until you accept the charges.
  3. If you have been given access to a print billing code, you will be able to select it from the drop-down on the confirmation pop-up.  Jobs billed to one of the billing codes will not be deducted from your personal balance.
  4. You can view your print account details including balance, transaction history, recent print jobs, and assigned billing codes by clicking ”Details” in the PaperCut widget.
  5. Local security settings on your system (i.e. Symantec or Windows Firewall) may block you from connecting to the printers.  If you are unable to connect please contact us for assistance.