Environmental Design Freshman Practicum envisions future of recreational spaces

Planning practicum class viewing recreational facility.

Members of the School of Architecture and Planning's freshman seminar members on February 16 visiting Town of Amherst parkland next to St. Mary's Apartments in Amherst.  Leading the tour of parklands and recreation sites in Amherst is Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa (far right).

by Tyler Madell

Published February 18, 2019


This spring the freshman Environmental Design Practicum is planning new recreational spaces in the town of Amherst, NY.

This course, led by Professor Ernest Sternberg, will build upon Amherst's Recreation and Parks Master Plan of 2018. On February 16th, the class toured Amherst Parks and recreation assets. Their tour guide, Amherst Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa (MArch & MUP '03) is a graduate of the School of Architecture and Planning.

The course asks students to provide visionary concepts for the future of recreation in Amherst. Initial ideas include a wall surface for projecting competitive video games in front of audiences, sports programming such as dance that attracts more teenage girls to physical exercise, a cricket pitch for immigrants from countries that enjoy that sport, and athletic facilities designed with autistic children in mind. It is very possible that their recommendations will affect Amherst’s future investments in facilities and parks.