Evaluating users’ perceptions of a Main Street corridor: Before and after a Complete Street project

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The evaluation of users’ perceptions of a Main Street corridor was carried out through a post occupancy evaluation (POE) methodology was used to evaluate a Complete Street (CS) project and the findings highlight the need for outreach and evidence-based CS implementation.

Over 1,600 municipalities in the U.S. have adopted Complete Streets (CS) policies to date. For urban planners, the design of CS projects is an opportunity to influence active transportation, transit use, and public health. For users, improved street designs can enhance community mobility and physical activity. To date, there are no practice standards related to CS initiatives, and the implementation of CS projects has not been rigorously studied. In response to this knowledge gap, the current study sought to capture the impact of a CS implementation project in a mid-sized U.S. city.


Jordana L.Maisel, Assistant Professor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Director of Research, IDEA Center
University at Buffalo

So-Ra Baek,
College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona

Jimin Choi, PhD Student, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
University at Buffalo


Journal of Transport & Health

Date Published

October 2021