Center for Urban Studies

urban gardeing.

The Center for Urban Studies works directly in the community, here during the The UB Summer Academic Camp on Neighborhood Development. 

The Center for Urban Studies is a research and service entity seeking solutions to the problems facing central cities and metropolitan regions.

Founded in 1987 by Professor Henry Louis Taylor Jr., the center conducts action-based research on community and economic development, focusing on the needs and issues of traditionally marginalized groups, including blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, women, and low-wage workers. Recent projects include a community health study of Buffalo’s East Side, analysis of vacant lots and community economic development opportunities for Buffalo’s Fruitbelt neighborhood, and a physical design analysis of the city’s Old First Ward. The center employs graduate students to assist with projects, including The Cyberhood, an online resource to engage and educate viewers on issues of neighborhood and community development.

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