Adam Thibodeaux

Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture - Acheson Annex 16

Adam Thibodeaux is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Architecture where he teaches core studios, graduate studios and seminars, and other courses focused on inclusive design and social justice.

Adam Thibodeaux.

He previously served as an Inclusive Design Fellow and Instructional Teaching Fellow at the Yale School of Architecture and as a Public Interest Design Fellow at the University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development. Adam holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas and a Post-Professional Master of Architecture from Yale University, where he received the Moulton Andrus Award for excellence in art and architecture. He is a licensed architect in the state of New York.

Adam's teaching and research are centered on the uncovering, preservation, and reclamation of architecture that once sheltered populations marginalized by difference. His work has focused primarily on buildings that once served as queer gathering spaces whose histories have been masked by a need to assimilate in urban conditions where they were once unwelcome. His practice makes the case that these buildings should be valued for their histories of sheltering marginalized populations, and that the methods of reclaiming them should learn from the populations they once protected. His work on this subject has ranged from built works to public installations, writing and grassroots activism.

As a host city, Buffalo is unmatched in the depth and complexity of its building stock. There is so much to learn from the lives of its architecture.

Red light patterns projecting on a floor.

Mighty Real, for PLAY/GROUND 2022