Historic Preservation

Graduate students in Prof. Traynor's class discuss the completion of the ship survey.

Join our small and selective group of interdisciplinary students interested in pursuing promising careers in historic preservation. Designed for practitioners and students from disciplines as diverse as architecture, law and art, our curriculum includes an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation and a Master of Science in Architecture specializing in Historic Preservation.

Prepare for a growing global discipline

 Historic preservation is both a social and a material endeavor that engages creative and critical practices. Our Curriculum combines the study of, and engagement with, the material fabric of our cultural past with the stories and histories of people in place. It is a search for awareness, understanding, and care of the continually shifting natures of these stories, in relation to the artifacts from and through which the stories from our past reverberate in the present, and for future generations.

Immerse yourself in our city and region

The city of Buffalo constitutes a living laboratory for understanding how the past continually informs the present and future. As the nation's eighth largest city at the turn of the last century, Buffalo is distinguished by its legacy of historic architecture and world-class urban design; industrial landscapes, and rich residential and commercial neighborhoods. Our students have the opportunity for hands-on learning to reconstruct the past by engaging with a broad range of material fabrics, from existing buildings and landscapes, to the practical elements of everyday life.

The School of Architecture and Planning has a long record of active engagement in the city's historic preservation movement that dates back to its founding in 1967. Through our award winning studios, coursework, and community outreach, our faculty, students and alumni have helped save landmarks from the wrecking ball, document the history of our urban fabric, and build plans and policies for preservation. 

Explore historic preservation at a global scale

The School of Architecture and Planning boasts the largest study abroad program at UB, providing opportunities to explore built and cultural landscapes from Venice to Estonia to Tokyo.

Our alumni have gone to work in both the public and private sector in State Historic Preservation Offices; as local Preservation Planners; for not-for-profits, and for Historic Preservation, Architecture, and Engineering firms. 

Explore faculty and student work in historic preservation

For MS in Architecture (Focus in Historic Preservation)

For Fall admission, applications received by January 1 will receive primary consideration. Applications received thereafter are reviewed on a rolling basis, provided space remains in the incoming class.  International students are encouraged to apply by January 15, to allow time for visa processes.

For the Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation:

For fall admission, applications received by January 1 will receive primary consideration for admissions. Applications received thereafter are reviewed on a rolling basis, provided space remains in the incoming class.

For additional information or if you have any questions regarding our programs in Historic Preservation, please feel free to send an email to: gradrecruitment@ap.buffalo.edu