Diversity Plan (2011)

A long-standing commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity

The School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo is the only public, nationally‐accredited program in architecture and planning in New York State. Despite status as one of the top ten most racially and ethnically diverse universities in the United States and number‐one ranking in the percentage of international students among public United States institutions, the school struggles tremendously with recruiting and retaining students who are women and underrepresented minorities—challenges that are equally evident in the architecture and planning professions..

The School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo is committed to becoming a leader in diversity and inclusion research, policies, and practices both in the university and in architecture and planning nationally. Fostering a culture of inclusion is essential for educating students who will work and live in an increasingly diverse culture. Broadening the diversity of those who study, teach, research, and practice architecture and planning ensures that a wider variety of diverse needs will be met through these professions. The school will harness the data available to measure our progress annually.

A diverse faculty and student body are necessary components of a quality education for all students because diversity:

  • enriches the educational experience by providing students with the opportunity to learn from individuals who differ from them.
  • promotes personal growth and a healthy society by challenging stereotyped preconceptions, encouraging critical thinking and helping students learn to communicate effectively with people of varied backgrounds.
  • strengthens communities and the workplace by preparing students for citizenship in an increasingly complex, pluralistic society, and fostering mutual respect and teamwork.
  • enhances the country's economic competitiveness by effectively developing and using the talents of all citizens.

The School of Architecture and Planning Diversity Plan focuses on improving and supporting diversity in areas including, but not limited to:

  1. race/ethnicity
  2. socio‐economic status
  3. gender
  4. sexual orientation/gender identity
  5. disability
  6. religion
  7. age
  8. life experience
  9. international citizenship