Formworks Grant Application

The School of Architecture and Planning supports scholarly advancement and funded research in alignment with the university’s goals of increasing UB’s research profile nationally and internationally. This includes all stages of research through three types of funding:

  • “Formative” – early-phase work
  • “Informative” – dissemination of completed work
  • “Transformative” – development, collaboration, and/or implementation

Scholarship in architecture and planning includes an array of subjects and subfields, such as the social sciences, humanities, technology, engineering, design, policy, etc. Funding may be used to support a variety of outputs and media: journal or book publications, grant or report writing, community outreach, public policy, field work, archival research, competition submissions, built work, etc.

All full-time faculty are encouraged to apply, with priority given to post-tenure faculty. Tenure-track faculty are urged to utilize their startup funds for the first two categories and to partner with other faculty to submit proposals in the transformative category.

“Formative” and “Informative” proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and as funds allow. All “transformative” proposals are due by 5:00pm on Friday, December 15, 2023. Evaluation of proposals is aligned with the elements of each category. The department chairs and the associate dean for research and creative practice (ADRCP) will review all proposals and determine support from the departments and/or School of Architecture and Planning.

Please note: To receive funding, all applicants must have an up-to-date CV and annual report on file with the department. If awarded, recipients will work with the ADRCP to complete a scholarly advancement workshop, including IRB training and activation of Click (if they have not already done so).