Peter Reyner Banham Fellowship: 20 years, 21 Banham Fellows (2000-2021)

A symposium

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Saturday, March 6, 2021
1 pm - 5:30 pm

AIA continuing education credits pending (2 LU)

In celebrating Reyner Banham's 99th birthday and the 20th anniversary of Banham Fellowship at the University at Buffalo, “20 Years, 21 Banham Fellows” is a symposium organized around themes explored in Banham’s experimental criticism.

The symposium includes presentations and panel discussions by the School’s Banham Fellows – from 2000 to present – to both reflect and speculate on the fellowship as alternative forms of pedagogy and practice, through which design strategies, historical critiques, and disciplinary discourse are further problematized, enmeshed, and illuminated. Panel moderators are UB Department of Architecture former Chairs Kent Kleinman, Mehrdad Hadighi, and Omar Khan, with UB faculty Brian Carter, Dennis Maher, and Hadas Steiner. The event is organized and hosted by Zherui Wang (BF 2020-21), Mustafa Faruki (BF 2017-18), and Joyce Hwang.

Session 1: Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies + Scenes in America Deserta

Presenters: 2016-17 Steven Chodoriwsky | 2013-14 Ludovico Centis | 2006-07 Sergio Lopez-Pineiro | 2019-20 Emily Kutil | 2008-09 Michael Kubo | 2011-12 Curt Gambertta | Panel Discussion joined by: 2002-03 Don Kunze

Moderated by Kent Kleinman and Dennis Maher

Session 2: Megastructure + A Concrete Atlantis

Presenters 2018-19 Mustafa Faruki | 2009-10 Brian Tabolt | 2005-06 Jonathan Solomon | 2014-15 Jordan Carver | Panel Discussion joined by 2015-16 Ang Li | 2010-11 Kenny Cupers | 2001-02 Tsz Yan Ng

Moderated by Mehrdad Hadighi and Brian Carter

Session 3: The Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment

Presenters: 2017-18 Sarah Gunawan | 2012-13 Thomas Kelley | 2000-01 Hugo Dworzak | 2004-05 Hilary Sample | 2003-04 Grace Ong

Moderated by Omar Khan and Hadas Steiner