First-Year Architecture Living Learning Community

The First-Year Interest Architecture Living Learning Community (LLC), located in Goodyear Hall on South Campus, is designed for first-year students enrolled in the Architecture BS program. Students enjoy connecting with their peers where they live, as well as in class and studio. This community provides extracurricular activities that fit their demanding schedule, and connects students to a supportive network of staff, faculty, and administrators. This community is known for its close friendships to one another and with the upper-year student staff in the area.

All first-year Architecture students that are going to be living on campus must live within the FYI Architecture LLC.  The LLC is a collaborative effort between the School of Architecture and Planning and UB’s official on-campus housing office known as Campus Living.  The LLC has specific infrastructure in place to support the unique needs of Architecture students not available in other on-campus communities, and the physical proximity to studio and shop spaces allows for the most efficient access to these spaces crucial for completing coursework (especially the 9am studio classes).  The School of Architecture and Planning Faculty and Staff will be working closely with the Campus Living staff to provide unique opportunities and support for students.

Students that have been accepted to be part of one of Campus Living’s other LLC areas may apply to be released from the Architecture LLC through the web form below..

Please note, “first-year” refers to students in their first academic year at a higher education institution.  It does NOT apply to new transfer students.