JiYoung Park co-leads ACSP discussion on climate change research

by Tyler Madell

Published February 13, 2019


UB's JiYoung Park, associate professor of urban planning, was among a group of leading scholars who led a critical discussion on climate change research at the Association Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) conference in Buffalo last October.

Following presentations from four leaders in the field of planning for climate disruptions, the presenters and audience members discussed the Model Of inTegrated Impact and Vulnerability Evaluation of climate change (MOTIVE) project. MOTIVE has its origins as an effort to minimize the safety concerns and damage to property as a result of climate change in South Korea.

JiYoung Park is an expert in urban economics and modeling.

JiYoung Park is an expert in urban economics and modeling.

Park co-facilitated the discussion along with Professor Ho Kim, from the Seoul National University's School of Public Health.

MOTIVE is expected to be a key project to understanding the effects that climate change will have in South Korea. As the project models the disruptions to water management, agriculture, forest and ecosystems, MOTIVE will also seek to advance climate change adaptation measures.

Park's involvement in the MOTIVE project focuses on constructing a South Korean economic and environment model that measures future risk including the economic impacts and vulnerabilities of climate change for various sectors in a scientific way.

To predict the future economic system change stemming from climate change and disasters, Park has developed a flexible input-output approach based on his National Interstate Economic Model (NIEMO). The flexible NIEMO (FlexNIEMO) method has been applied for this MOTIVE project by adding various sources of Korean economic models and data.

The original FlexNIEMO method and its US application can be found in Park's 2017 article A New Approach to Quantifying the Impact of Hurricane-Disrupted Oil Refinery Operations Utilizing Secondary Data, published in the journal Group Decision and Negotiation. Other academic papers associated with the climate change experience in Korea and FlexNIEMO applications are currently under development.

Learn more about the ACSP discussion on climate change and the MOTIVE project on the ACSP website.