Brian Carter and Annette LeCuyer publish tribute book on Canadian architect Barry Sampson

by Shreya Jaiswal

Published January 24, 2022

"Barry Sampson: Teaching + Practice," co-edited by UB architecture professors Brian Carter and Annette LeCuyer, is a book dedicated to Canadian architect Barry Sampson and his substantial contribution to the field of architecture.

Barry Sampson: Teaching + Practice, co-edited by Brian Carter and Annette LeCuyer (Dalhousie Architectural Press, 2021).

Cover Page: Barry Sampson's: Teaching + Practice. Image Credit: University of Toronto

Sampson, who passed away in December 2020 at the age of 72, led Baird Sampson Neuert, a significant critical practice in Toronto, and served as a professor of architecture at the University of Toronto for nearly thirty years.

Published by Dalhousie Architecture Press as part of the Documents in Canadian Architecture series, the book investigates key ideas identified in Sampson’s 2019 Baird Lecture at the University of Toronto. Employing these questions as the framework of the book, Carter and LeCuyer examine five critical questions of practice - reflecting on audience; Modernism and its legacies; architecture’s response to the environment and to human needs; architecture’s role in giving form to community; and the survival of critical practice in an age of technocracy.

"The book seeks to create a portrait of Barry Sampson, an architect and a teacher committed to ambitious ideals and a rare individual who excelled in both realms"- Carter and LeCuyer

The publication also documents projects illustrative of Sampson’s approach to design, construction, and use – a school, a university building, and a cabin – with texts, drawings, and images. Carter and LeCuyer also invited Sampson's closest colleagues to reflect on Sampson’s work and diverse roles in architecture – teacher, practitioner, advocate, environmentalist, mentor, client, and builder. Contributing authors are Richard Sommer, Barry Sampson, George Baird, Jon Neuert, Robert Wright, Brigitte Shim, Ian MacDonald, Pina Petricone, Erik Olsen, David Bowick, Nader Tehrani, Bruce Kuwabara, Donald McKay, John van Nostrand, and Joost Bakker. 

"We hope that Barry's voice can be heard as you turn the pages. And that his passions as a teacher, a practitioner, mentor, advocate, a client, and an environmental steward, a builder pouring concrete, and a designer continually drawing, will become abundantly clear."- Carter and LeCuyer

Acknowledging their supporting team of collaborating authors, Carter and LeCuyer said: "Like the design and making of a building, the creation of a book demands a committed client and a good team. We were encouraged as plans were developed with Barry's dedicated colleagues."