Sun_Food_Water design prototype

387sf Butterfly House rendering showing house among other typical Buffalo homes in neighborhood.

Butterfly House

Affordability is defined based on monthly costs, with reductions for incorporating solar gain & PV-generated energy, water collection, and food production. 

Investigations began with the smallest possible square footage, the 250sf Tiny House. Four other prototypes were created:387sf Butterfly House; 624sf Stack House; 665sf 20x20 House; and 1,226sf 91 Fuller House.

All five prototypes were taken to within 90% permit-ready drawings. In May of 2019, construction documents were delivered to the Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation (BENLIC) and a building permit was secured in the Town of Tonawanda for 91 Fuller Avenue. Prototypes are intended for city sites and include neighborhood-friendly, privacy enhancing contextural elements such as wraparound porches, as well as full basements for an additional code-compliant bedroom or office, and dry basement storage capacity similar to a larger house.

Design Goal: Small Affordable Houses that ‘play big’. Production Goal: Secure a permit every year for a new affordable house. Community partnerships to-date include BENLIC and PUSH Buffalo.

Term / Students

Fall 2017: Shannon Riley

Spring 2018:A. Volungus, E. Badawy, S. Brice, A. Chiffy, M. Hange, MJ Kook, B. Laconte, J. Machovec, J. Nichols, G. Reeb, C. Rivera, J. Wakeley

Fall 2018: D. Chan, M. Hange, B. Huang, D. Kwong, K. Marsh, M. Shayo, J. Devries, J. Dziama, R. Goff, T. Horvath, K. Kalyoncu

Spring 2019: V. Bianco, R. Codrington, K. Donnelly, J. Galasso, G. Latchford, W. Lin, M. Mansfield, J. Neu, J. Nijjar