Al Shaheed Park, The Habitat Museum

Michael Maggio (March ’02, BPS ’99)

The Habitat Museum.

The Habitat Museum

Michael Maggio is a director at Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), the world’s largest museum planning and design firm. He is an award-winning project leader who directs national and international cultural history, scientific and higher education projects. In addition, Michael guides critical aspects of RAA’s daily professional practice through his engagement in business development, client onboarding and contract management. Michael excels at conceptualizing and implementing strategies, methods and procedures anchored in RAA’s culture and vision that allow the practice to serve its clients best. 

Al Shaheed Park, The Habitat Museum

The Habitat Museum displays the richness and diversity of the natural habitats of Kuwait through a large number of interactive programs and scenographic recreations. At the entrance, visitors receive a “Seed Ticket” containing a chip that allows them to obtain information about that particular seed and interact with each of the multimedia resources in the museum. Recreations of the plants and animals of Kuwait coexist with large-format audiovisual productions.

Project Credits: Ralph Appelbaum Associates