B.S. Arch - Admissions

Each year, the School of Architecture and Planning draws students from increasingly diverse backgrounds across the state, nation, and globe. As the largest public university in the state of New York, and as the only fully-accredited architecture program in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, our mission is to provide a path into architecture that encourages a diverse and ever-evolving range of student interests and skills.

Therefore, the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program has no additional requirements beyond those set by the university: high school average, completed high school courses, rank in high school class, standardized exam scores (SAT/ACT), and other factors.

In short – we welcome all applications for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture and invite you to apply.

Application Deadlines

Scholarship application completion deadline: Dec 15
Regular application completion deadline: Feb 1

For other important dates. please visit: Undergraduate Admissions: Important Dates

In addition, we would like to see what you’ve been doing and encourage you to submit a digital portfolio and/or complete one of our short design projects. Complementing the university’s admissions standards, the portfolio/project submission provides you the opportunity to demonstrate creativity, and may benefit (but will never hurt) you in the admissions process. Additionally, by submitting a portfolio/project, you are automatically eligible for a prestigious Dean’s Scholarship, awarded annually to applicants that evidence the greatest potential. Lastly, the submission helps us understand the skills of the incoming class so that we can design courses that promote student success.

The deadline for portfolio and design project submissions is February 15. For Dean’s Scholarship consideration, the recommended deadline is December 1.

Applicants for freshmen admission submit materials online via SlideRoom

Our academic team is eager to assist you.