Good Neighbors Studio

Wooden model with paper cutouts of people engaging with the space.

"Framing Relations," by Jackson Gaylord

The fifth edition of the studio will emphasize critical thinking on basic architectural issues through the design proposal of a group of three houses for three very different families that will be sharing a single undivided lot in the east side of the city of Buffalo, New York – the City of Good Neighbors.

The project will also include three workspaces for painting, writing, and music composing for one member from each family. As part of the requirements, one of the six constructions should connect or touch one another. The design of these domestic spaces will take the student to explore precedents, programs, geometry, site, scale, materiality, perception, landscape, adjacency, circulation, order, and context, among other aspects. The introductory Studio experience to the 3+ Graduate program will have a intense graphic content while incorporating readings and discussions.


Jackson Gaylord - Framing Relations

John Mark Silbert - Stages of Connectivity

Ioanna Dinoulis - Scattered Connectivity

Luke Dole - Polar Populace

Reed Brodsky - Cordial Relations

Regan Fleming - Ascending Homes


Miguel Guitart, assistant professor of architecture


Fall 2020


Master of Architecture - 3.5-year program