Hayes Hall Comes to Life

View a photo gallery of Hayes Hall as the spaces inside come to life.

Since its reopening in fall 2016, Hayes Hall has come to life as a canvas for the work, life and culture of our school, and an inspirational setting for new engagements. View a photo gallery here.

Read the latest news and developments about the restoration and activation of UB's historic Hayes Hall.

  • Building blocks
    Students in the Department of Architecture’s Material Culture research seminar last semester, under the direction of Miguel Guitart, assistant professor of architecture, explored ground-related architecture, focusing on mass, material recirculation and the relationships between construction and the land on which it sits. The installation is scheduled to remain on-site for two years as part of a study of its decay and erosion over time. Photos: Douglas Levere
  • National exhibition on activist history in architecture makes stop in Buffalo
    An exhibition that will travel across the country over the next two years to reveal the little-known history of architects as activists for social justice has landed in Buffalo.
  • RFP02 Benches: A Design-Build Competition

    Continuing a series of design-build competitions that activate the newly renovated Hayes Hall as a site for research through making, the school invites faculty and students to submit proposals for the design and fabrication of window seating areas on the building's staircase landings.  

  • Colorful exhibit system animates Hayes Hall Gallery

    A colorful set of wooden cubes and cases is playing a foundational role in activating the Hayes Hall atrium gallery as a dynamic space for public events, exhibitions and even play.

  • Architects as exhibition designers

    An assortment of turn-of-the-century artifacts from the Larkin Company and its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed administrative building rest upon the craftsmanship of UB architecture students in “Wright’s Larkin,” an exhibition on industry and the Arts and Crafts Movement, now on view in UB’s Hayes Hall. 

  • CannonDesign names studio in Hayes Hall
    CannonDesign has made a leadership gift to the School of Architecture and Planning in recognition of the firm’s deep connections to the school and as tribute to former CannonDesign President and Co-Chairman Mark Mendell, who served as a founding member of the school’s Dean’s Council.
  • Hayes Hall 'guest book' walls invite reflection

    To capture the spirit and sentiment of the Hayes Hall reopening events, we curated our writable glass walls as a building-wide “guest book.” What we got in return was inspirational.

  • Alumni, friends come together in support of new Hayes Hall

    The five-year renovation of Hayes Hall was a monumental and milestone effort for the university, school and community - and an object lesson in the principle that most great things are the product of collective effort and collaboration.

  • Looking forward, looking back

    Across the eras, alumni, friends, students, faculty and community members came together to celebrate the legacy of the school as it marks 50 years from its founding. The conversation was equally forward-looking - the start of an important conversation about what's possible together.