Student Emergency Fund

Some of the School of Architecture and Planning's most vulnerable students—those who rely on the university for food, income or housing—are experiencing significant hardship due to the current crisis. The School of Architecture and Planning's Student Emergency Fund helps to ensure these basic needs are met.  

How to apply for assistance

Students in the School of Architecture and Planning are eligible to apply for one-time limited financial support. Funds are available to meet unexpected needs that result from circumstances beyond the control of our students. The emergency fund is designated to offset short-term financial need, and is not intended to replace or supplement financial aid or scholarships. Award and distribution is subject to availability of funds.

Funding criteria:

  • Students registered for full time study in the School of Architecture and Planning are eligible.
  • New, unexpected expenditures that hinder students’ wellbeing, learning and/or progress toward graduation are allowable. Expenditures may be tied to food, housing, technology, internet, medicine, unexpected transportation and other emergency expenses.

Funds designated for students studying within the School of Architecture and Planning are made available through Student Life Emergency Fund.

Blue Table.

Through a partnership with the Student Association, Blue Table is a food pantry for enrolled UB students who do not have access to food as a result of an emergency.