Just Below the Line

Disability, Housing, and Equity in the South

Cover of Just Below the Line showing a mobile home in a rural setting next to a tree.

With his co-authors, professor of architecture Korydon Smith shows how the housing industry can be reworked to better serve the needs of the elderly and of persons with disabilities.

With the aging of the population, the US now has the largest number of older adults and persons with disabilities in its history. Since housing construction slowed in the first decade of the century, and fast growing places have undergone rapid price rises, the nation’s housing stock is increasingly unable to meet demands placed on it. Just as US housing needed to be retooled after World War II, so it must again. With high rates of poverty, the American South faces these challenges even more intensely.

Though taking the South as its example, the book also explains to the rest of the country how policy makers, designers, builders, realtors, advocates, and consumers can promote the production of equitable housing.


Korydon Smith
Department of Architecture, UB

Jennifer Webb
University of Arkansas

Brent T. Williams
University of Arkansas


University of Arkansas Press

Date Published