Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design Graduate Research students during a project review.

Inclusive Design is design for all. A global movement that seeks to improve the usability of environments, products and systems for the widest range of people, it is based on the principles of social justice. 

Inclusive Design is one of the most important design movements of this era because its emphasis is on empowering the average citizen. The Inclusive Design Graduate Research Group focuses on design processes grounded in democratic values of non-discrimination, equal opportunity and personal empowerment.

We provide both a theoretical and working knowledge of Inclusive Design, focused on environments, products, and systems for a wider range of people, especially those in underserved populations. The curriculum includes a sequence of required courses supplemented by electives and workshops that provide both a theoretical and working knowledge of Inclusive Design. Along with a core curriculum, students work with faculty mentors to develop individualized programs of study that reflect their specific interests. 

Faculty members working in the group are associated with the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center),a leading site for design, service, education and dissemination activities related to inclusive design. Led by SUNY Distinguished Professor Edward H. Steinfeld, an international pioneer in his field, the IDeA Center is an unparalleled resource for students interested in making the world a better place for all.  

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